A collection of photographs and documents

Submitted by Andrew Fielding to the Gloucestershire Archives in July 2014 whilst on a visit to the UK

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The first two photographs are of Jim Fielding with Jackie Stewart and Jim’s Ford GT40, taken at Staverton airport c.1966/7.  Andrew said: –

“Jim bought the very first road-going model from his friend John Wyer’s firm in Slough (which produced racing versions of the car that won at Le Mans 3 years in succession).  Jackie Stewart flew into Staverton” and he thinks the event was staged as publicity for Ford of Slough).

The third photograph is a copy of Jim Fielding’s valedictory message to the Shipbuilding Industry Training Board upon his retirement as Chairman on 18th November 1978 after serving in that capacity for a period of 8 years.

The fourth photograph is a single-page copy of Jim Fielding’s  Public Service Record.

The fifth and sixth photographs are copies of Jim Fielding’s curriculum vitae.

The seventh and last, is a photograph of a youthful Jim Fielding!  Regrettably, there is no date attached.

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  • I ogled this car from the drawing office window at Fieldings. This would have been 1966. Jim Fielding always left the garage with spinning wheels, flames from the exhaust pipes and a defining roar. I think he reached 50 mph and stopped at the tee junction about 200 yds from the garage door!

    One day, I thought. I will be able to do that. It took me 50 years and my car is the Bentley Continental Supersports, but I owe the fulfilled ambition to those glimpses of the fastest car in the world at that time being used as daily transport.

    May I add another anecdote about this car. My Dad, Jack Hobbs, joined Fieldings at the same time as Jimmy started his career in the family firm. They did initial training together. Dad became Chief Acceptance Engineer and knew the boss quite well. My Dad thought Jimmy a little daft buying the GT 40, so Jimmy took him out to show him what he was missing. It didn’t change my Dad’s opinion, partly I think, because he couldn’t climb out of the car at the end of the trip. A roof line of 40 inches and Dad’s 14 1/2 stone were not very compatible!

    Ed: What a fascinating story Malcolm! You were not the only one viewing the car from the D.O. windows. We all did if we thought we could get away with it! John B.

    By Malcolm Hobbs (12/03/2021)
  • I first saw the GT40 in 1966 coming over the crest of Racecourse Pitch, Cheltenham. I was on my Lambretta 150cc on my way to work in Cheltenham and it made me cry! I had been to Le Mans that year and watched the Fords win.
    I have just seen the GT40 being raced by its current owner at the Goodwood Revival-September 2019.
    An incredible experience to see it again and just as emotional.

    Ed: Lesley – Many thanks for sharing that story with us. I am sure many watched the Goodwood Revival last weekend, I confess I missed it! Glad to hear the car is still in the UK. John B

    By Lesley Causey (17/09/2019)

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