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Photo 39. (Names please?)
Photograph of the wedding of Jean and Doug Allen. The bridesmaid is Di Hewlett, sister of Tony Barton who worked at F&P .
kindly supplied by John Davis
photo of war donations
kindly supplied by John Davis
? ; ? ; Jim Haines ; Arthur Jones ; ? ; Jack Hobbs; Bill Hickman
RT030 (no location, date or occasion) Ron Green (centre); possibly Ralph Tucker 2nd right seated)
The Ralph Tucker Collection
RT025 Doug & Edith on a hill near Flaxley Abbey, 27 May 1951. (Doug and possibly Edith worked at F&P).
The Ralph Tucker Collection

From time to time the F&P editors receive photos without names or details attached (aren’t we are all guilty of that?).

This page will publish photos where we seek your assistance in identifying the names of the individuals, the locations and dates.

All the photos on this page have already been uploaded to the website and will be modified should new information be received.

If you know the names of any of the unidentified individuals or you can supply any further information that will add to our knowledge, then please share this with us by clicking on the words Add a comment about this page below.

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  • This is a photo of the wedding of my Auntie Jean and Uncle Doug (Allen). The bridesmaid standing next to the bride is my Aunty Di, wife of Mike Hewlett). Di was the sister of my late dad, Tony Barton, who worked for Fieldings for many years, as did Uncle Mike. Sadly Dad and Uncle Mike have now passed as has Auntie Di. I’m sure dad would have loved to have seen this site as he always had fond memories of his year working there.

    Ed: Thanks for the information, Jenny. Just goes to show, if you leave a picture long enough someone will come up with the answer! If you care to advise the year of the wedding I will be pleased to add it to the photo. John B

    By Jenny Brooks (was Barton) (11/04/2021)

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