Fielding's Apprentices' Association badge

Were you a member and do you have one of these badges?!


Can anyone supply details of this association? When it was formed and by whom?  Its makeup?  Its activities?  Were Newsletters of these activities ever written and circulated?

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  • Assuming no one upgraded this badge, in 1956 I designed and signed off on the final badge embroidered by Golden Anchor, Southgate Street. I think I was paid 50 pounds for my design to be used.

    Ed: Thanks for the information, Pete. A useful record.

    By Pete Longdon (15/11/2020)
  • Hi Brian, I have still got one of these badges which I obtained towards the end of my Apprenticeship, which must have been about 1967 or ’68. I can’t really recall any events or functions organised by the association, but I was spending quite a lot of time out of the works on site by then, so may have simply missed out.
    Alistair Adams

    By Alistair Adams (25/03/2019)

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