Apprentice intake 1965

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Back row (standing L-R)

Nick Swann; Cyril Aldridge; Daryll Parsons; Richard Bennett (son of the Fitter, John Bennett); Geoff Wood; Stephen Walker; Malcolm Bassett; Dennis Duke; Keith Hale; Geoff Davis; Kenny Mattock; Gwyn Morgan; Paul Bolton; Terry Curtis.

Front row (sitting L-R)

Paul Hobbs; Lloyd Newman; Malcolm “Lofty” Pobjoy;  Dave Drew; Geoff Williams; Burt Ravenhill; Roy Popejoy; Adrian Roberts; John Lewis; Steven Holder; Graham Spurdell; Bruce Strickland.

Can you help us identify the people in the photo by matching the names below to the people in it? Perhaps you are in the photo and remember what it was like to be part of this apprentice intake? If so, please leave a comment below.

A C Suvarn

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  • Cheers Terry – thanks to you we now have the full line up for 1965!

    It’s fascinating to hear that you went directly into the Pattern Shop in ’65. As you’ll see from the site, we don’t have many memories from Pattern Makers so any memories of what it was like to work in the Pattern Shop in the 1960s, what the Pattern Shop itself was like then - its sights, sounds, and smells – and who you worked with there would be a great help. I wonder also if you know when the Pattern Shop finally closed at Fielding’s?

    You can add your memories to the site in these comments but it’d be great if you could add them on a new page about the Pattern Shop. To find out how visit:

    However you choose to share your memories, look for to hearing from you!

    By Ollie Taylor (05/04/2013)
  • Just seen myself in the 1965 apprentice intake photo. I’m stood on extreme right of back row to Paul Bolton’s left. I went directly into the Pattern Shop and only went to the training school for the first aid course etc. I currently work with John Hill (1967 intake) and, until 2009, Mike Pigott (1962 intake).

    By Terry Curtis (03/04/2013)
  • Thanks Chippy, I’m delighted you and John are now back in touch after all these years thanks to the Fielding and Platt Community Archive Project! It makes the “Community” part of the project very real and very worthwhile!

    Delabole! What a small world it is! I was down there in November chatting with someone who was related to the Fielding family! If I’m ever down that way again, it would be great to drop in and chat with you too about Fielding’s – or have a pint at the Bettel and Chisel?! Very much look forward to hearing about yours and John’s catch ups – and of course all the memories of Fielding’s they spark – don’t forget to share them here eh…?! Cheers, Ollie

    By Ollie Taylor (20/02/2013)
  • Hi Ollie, just a quick word to say thank you for passing my e-mail address on to John “Elver” Lewis. We have exchanged e-mails and today (19th) we had a chat on the phone, brilliant!! It turns out he has been to Delabole where I live a few times over the years in connection with motor sports, what a small world! Hopefully we can meet up some time and really do some catching up! We’ll let you know how we get on I’m sure. Thanks again Ollie. Best regards, Chippy Aston

    By Chippy Aston (19/02/2013)
  • Thanks Roy – I’d never have been able to tell the patches were Fielding and Platt logos! I guess they got quite dirty on those boiler suits?!

    It’s fascinating to hear that there was an Apprentice Association. What did the F&P Apprentice Association do? Was it a kind of social club for apprentices? As to the blazer badge – wow! – it would be great to see it, if only to take a photograph of it.

    By Ollie Taylor (14/02/2013)
  • The patches were actually F&P logos. I also have an Apprentice Association blazer badge which you are welcome to if required.

    By ROY POPEJOY (08/02/2013)
  • Thanks for adding those important albeit sad memories Roy. I think it is important to remember Fielding colleagues who are no longer with us on the site. Could the Paul on the left of the front row have been Paul Hobbs?

    It’s interesting what you say about Mick Cook not being in the photo and I’m sure people may remember others who weren’t in these apprentice photos and the reasons for their absence.

    What do you remember of being part of this intake Roy? I’m fascinated by this photograph because of the patches you all have on your overalls – can you remember why that was Roy and what was on those patches? I had originally thought that they were photos you were all holding!

    By Ollie Taylor (01/02/2013)
  • The name of the guy on the left of the front row was, I believe, Paul (?) and he started as an apprentice mechanic in the garage. He left and later passed away with leukemia. His place was taken by John (?).

    Also missing from the photograph was Mick Cook who had a motocycle accident and was off work at the time.

    By Roy Popejoy (29/01/2013)
  • Thanks Chippy, if you’re happy for me to do so I’ll pass on your email to John?! It’s great that you’ve got back in touch through the site and I hope you’ll both continue to visit and add to the site?!

    Let’s hope John, Steve, Bob or anyone else on the site can remember the other nicknames you mention – or indeed any others!

    All good wishes, Ollie

    By Ollie Taylor (28/01/2013)
  • Hi Ollie, I see that John Lewis has contacted you and filled in just about all the gaps for the 1965 intake photos, great! Also what is great is that he would like to get in contact with me, it would be really good to do some catching up! As I now live in North Cornwall, an e-mail would be an easy way to start.

    I think John got the nickname ‘elver’ from Bob Webb who was one of the Fitters the Fitting Shop called “Hydraulic 2”. From what I remember, Bob thought that, as John was very slim, he was like an elver! John may be able to add to that, but that’s as I remember it? John may also be able to remember if Steve Holder’s nickname was ‘squelch’? Any thoughts on that John? Best regards, Chippy Aston

    By Chippy Aston (26/01/2013)
  • Huge thanks to Chippy and John for adding those missing names – it’s a shame that neither of you can recall who the guys are on the far left of the back row and the far right of the front row! What’s great about your comments, though, are the nicknames that you remember! I notice that Malcolm Pobjoy was known as “Lofty” and, John, you were known as “Elver”! I wonder how you came by those nicknames – it would be great if you could share them here – and why they were chosen?! Any other nicknames and reasons for them please share them here too!

    By Ollie Taylor (24/01/2013)
  • Hello again! I think I might be able to help with some names for this 1965 intake photo.

    Back row (L to R): ? , Cyril Aldridge, Richard Bennett, Geoff Wood, ? , ? , ? , Keith Hale, Geoff Davies, Ken Mattock, ? , ? , ? .

    Front row (L to R): ? , ? , Malcolm Pobjoy, Dave Drew, Gerald Williams, Bert Ravenhill, Roy Popejoy, Adrian Roberts, John “Elver” Lewis, Steve Holder, ? , ? .

    Any more names to photos I can remember I will let you know. I think that the date that has been put in for Tony Parsloe’s comments should read 1965 and not 1961?

    Regards, Graham ‘Chippy’ Aston

    By Chippy Aston (23/01/2013)
  • Back row (L-R): Nick Swann, Cyril Aldridge, Daryll Parsons, Richard Bennett (son of John Bennett – Fitter), Geoff Wood, Stephen Walker, Malcolm Bassett, Dennis Duke, Keith Hale, Geoff Davis, Kenny Mattock, Gwyn Morgan, Paul Bolton, ? (worked in the Pattern Shop).

    Front row (L-R): ? , Lloyd Newman, Malcolm Pobjoy, Dave Drew, Geoff Williams, Burt Ravenhill, Roy Popejoy, Adrian Roberts, John Lewis, Steven Holder, Graham Spurdell, Bruce Strickland.

    By John Lewis (22/01/2013)
  • Message to Tony Parsloe: you were in the 1965 intake and we were all in the Apprentice School when the photo was taken so I don’t know why you were missing.

    By John Lewis (22/01/2013)
  • Hi Tony, thanks for your comment and I’m glad you have so many good memories of your time at Fielding’s. As you’ll’ve seen, we’re encouraging people to share those memories here, so we’d be grateful if you’d add a comment on the 1961 intake photo about your memories of the apprentice intake that year – it’s characters, your instructors, what you learnt, and, of course, the practical jokes and atmosphere of the apprentice school in ’61!

    By Ollie Taylor (21/01/2013)
  • Hello, Looking at the website with great interest. I was in the 1961 intake but do not appear in the picture. Daryl Parsons and Paul Bolton who were also electrical apprentices are in the photo but Denis Duke and myself are not. Perhaps we were in the Electrical D O at the time. I have great memories of my time at Fielding’s and will try and make the next reunion. Tony Parsloe.

    By Tony Parsloe (20/01/2013)

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