Apprentice intake 1963

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Back row (standing L-R)

Tim Beard; Mike Bolton; A T Hawker; Alistair Adams; Anthony John Slim; Neil Edwards; Pete Skelton ; Geoff Williams.

Front row (sitting L-R)

Dave Read; ? Sparks ; George Meredith; Kevin Mitchell; Bert Ravenhill; Geoff Morton; Harold Shenton ; Gerry Williams; Bob Blowers; Mike Quinn; Christopher John Ashbee; Jim Smith.

Are you in the photo and remember what it was like to be part of this apprentice intake? If so, please leave a comment below.

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  • Gidday!  I have just spent a great hour looking at old photos of my times working [sometimes!] at Fielding’s, and all my memories are flooding back. If anybody is still alive please contact me asap. Jimbo

    By jim smith (29/12/2015)
  • Hi Jim!  Thanks for your comment.  Please let us all know where you are now and what you have been doing for the last ** years!   John B

    By John Bancroft (29/12/2015)
  • Thanks Brian for adding your memories and to everyone who has helped us add all the apprentice’s names to this photo. It’s the first photo we’ve been able to add all of the names to – now all we need some memories of this apprentice intake!

    By Ollie Taylor (24/12/2012)
  • Thanks again for your tip off Tim! I hope that Brian will be in touch soon!

    By Ollie Taylor (21/12/2012)
  • The apprentice second from the right in the back row is indeed Peter Skelton who was my apprentice photographer from 1963. Pete turned out to be a more than able photographer and in fact was more than equal to me.

    By Brian Mince (21/12/2012)
  • Front row: 4th from the left is Kevin Mitchell; 6th from the left is Geoff Morton; 7th from the left is Harold Shenton; 8th from the left is Gerry Williams.

    The person in the back row second from right worked for Brian Mince in photography.

    Regards, Tim

    By Tim Beard (19/12/2012)
  • Thanks so much for your contribution Tim. I bet this photo brings back some memories of being an apprentice and the Craft School in 1963?!

    By Ollie Taylor (18/12/2012)
  • Back Row: 1st from left Tim Beard; 2nd from left Mike Bolton; 3rd from left A T Hawker; 1st from right Geoff Williams.

    Front Row: 1st from left Dave Read; 2nd from left ? Sparks; 1st from right Jim Smith; 3rd from right Mike Quinn. The names for the staff are on other pictures.

    Kind Regards, Tim Beard

    By Tim Beard (17/12/2012)
  • Thanks Bob, that’s really helpful – hopefully we can get the full complement of names soon!

    By Ollie Taylor (13/12/2012)
  • Front row: George Meredith (3rd from the left); Bob Blowers (4th from the right).

    Back row: Anthony Slim (4th from the right); Neil Edwards (3rd from the right).

    Kind Regards, Bob Gough

    By Bob Gough (06/12/2012)

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