B & W & Colour photographs - a call to arms!

During the month of October 2020, I have had the opportunity of sorting and uploading a small collection of photos kindly donated to the Gloucestershire Archives by the estate of the late Brian Minnear. (These are held in the archives under collection no. D12789/1/54/1).

Some photos were taken by the F & P Photography dept. (up to 1975) and some later photos were taken by Jones Photography (later called Impact Photography), covering periods from 1975 through to the 1990s.  All the photos not previously published have now been uploaded as new posts or added to existing posts.

Regrettably, Jones Photography/Impact Photography photos are no more and therefore we are wholly dependant upon loans and donations and we are now seeking copies of the many photos of this later era that are missing from our collection.  Hence, the call to arms!

This is a worldwide call as there will be many photos residing overseas. Time to look in the bottom drawers, wherever, and lets see what we can come up with!

All Jones/Impact  Photography photos were labelled on the reverse with their unique  photo number.

If you are able to locate any photos with numbers on the reverse then  please Add a comment about this page below and I will contact you separately to check against my database.  Regards John Bancroft.

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