Erco Hysp 300 ton, 75 ton and 150 ton Two-Cylinder Hydraulic Stretch Forming Machines, c.1946

Photographs taken c.1946

D7338/14/5/4/4050 300 ton machine
Gloucestershire Archives
D7338/14/5/4/4051 75 ton machine
Gloucestershire Archives
D7338/14/5/4/4052 150 ton machine
Gloucestershire Archives

These machines were probably¬†produced at the same time that the ‘Fielding’ stretch forming machines were manufactured, ostensibly for the aircraft industry.

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  • looking for documentation to reinstall erco 300T .

    Ed: Eli, I must advise you that it is extremely unlikely that any documentation exists any more as Installation & Maintenance manuals for machines of this era were destroyed a number of years ago. John B

    By Eli Yudkevich (07/02/2020)
  • Does anyone know if these machines (Erco and/or Fielding) can still be found somewhere in England for sale ? (in working order and/or in need of a revision)

    Many thanks in advance !

    Ed: Thanks for your enquiry William. I am not aware of any Fielding stretch forming machines for sale and I can only suggest that you trawl through images of stretch forming machines and browse internet sites that advertise second hand machinery for sale with specific reference to that type of equipment. Best of luck! John B

    By William (from Holland) (25/05/2018)
  • I ran a press just like this one at Teledyne Ryan for 10 years.  I made thousands of parts on it.  I remember that when a part used to break the noise it made was very loud!

    By ernesto gonzalez (11/04/2016)

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