120 ton Plate Stretching Machine, O/No. 6263, c.1950

Order 6263 for Steel Company of Wales, c.1950

Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives

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  • What a great story Jim! Jeff’s surname is very appropriate for his nibbling! I wonder why it was called “Wimbledon cake” though & who came up with the term…?!

    By Ollie Taylor (20/09/2013)
  • Jeff Niblett adjusting the jaws on this stretcher by the look of it. Jeff often brought cake into work, which he put in his tool drawer. We were not allowed eat during work time. However, Jeff would stand in front of his drawer, quickly look numerous times left and right and if all was clear, retrieve the cake quickly and eat it. This action was known and named “Wimbledon cake” by those at F & P.

    By Jim Rigby (12/09/2013)

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