One 16 Size 3 Reduction Drive Unit, O/No. G91420, c.1976

Order G91420 for Cable Belt Ltd., supplied to NCB Trentham Drift, Ham Colliary, c.1976

Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
The Paul Regester Collection
The Paul Regester Collection
The Paul Regester Collection
Kindly supplied by Rhodes Interform

This unit was a 150 ton, 3 speed, winding unit.

Note: – Photo 6 (incorrect) is the inverse of photo 2 (correct). The correct photo is determined by zooming in and reading the maker’s name on the crane gantry!

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  • Hi John!  I didn’t work on this gearbox but I do remember it being built, some pretty impressive gearwheels being used there!

    I seem to remember the whole assembly being turned at a reduced speed to bed the gears in, and, if I’m not mistaken, a small amount of ‘lapping paste’ was used to get a good ‘bedding-in’ of the gear teeth. For anyone not knowing what lapping paste is, it is a gritty and slightly oily substance which was used primarily to lap/bed-in valve seats. In photo 3 you can see the small electric motor that was used to drive the gearbox during testing etc. Oh, and behind that, the tea machine outside the tool stores!

    In photos 1,3 & 4 is Steve Bick and in number 2 is Graham ‘Taffy’ Hall. A great man to work with and an excellent fitter! 

    Chippy Aston

    By Graham Aston (03/02/2015)

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