500 ton Straightening & Trimming Press, O/No. X87460, c.1974

Order X87460 for v/o Metallurgimport, USSR, c.1974

Jones Photography 59030
Gloucestershire Archives
Jones Photography 59142-1. (From the Garfield James Collection).
Gloucestershire Archives

This order was for 7 – 500 ton Straightening Presses from USSR for the Karma River Project, installed by Acceptance Engineer John Little.

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  • Hi John! I certainly do still have my ‘trusty old black box’, it is alive and well and now resides in my wife’s summerhouse in our garden in Cornwall. It now doubles as a coffee table and garden implement storage box! It is still black, but the nameplates, etc., are now in my workshop in the other garden.

    Chippy Aston 

    By Graham Aston (25/11/2017)
  • Hi John. Good to see these latest photographs, and I was very surprised to see in the second one…..my trusty old black box! Very distinctive with a stop button on the lid, along with a Fielding nameplate, a stainless steel Rolls Royce Limited nameplate and a few other bits and pieces!

    Brian Gage in the white coat, looking up at possibly me on the ladder, and Clive Forster doing some pipe work. To Brian’s left Tani Visaranta (not sure about the spelling), to Tani’s right I think is Martin Carter and in front of Martin is Eddie Hobbs. On the top of that press I think is Frank Kelly, who the other person is on top of the next press I don’t know.

    Graham ‘Chippy’ Aston

    Ed: Chippy, observant, as usual.  What the world needs to know is where is your ‘trusty old black box’ now?  I hope that it has survived the passage of time.   John B

    By Graham Aston (23/11/2017)

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