2000 ton Pierce Press, under construction in the new fitting shop, O/No. X78000, c.1972

Order X78000 for Chesterfield Tube Ltd., Chesterfield, c.1972

Gloucestershire Archives

This Pierce Press, in conjunction with a 275 ton Pushbench, formed the major components of ‘B’ Mill; a complete automated production line facility designed and manufactured by Fielding & Platt and installed in Chesterfield Tube Ltd., for the manufacture of large steel bottles using a hot process.

Square (hot) descaled steel billets were inserted into a circular container of the Pierce Press, whereupon the press exerted sufficient force to deform the billet in one operation to produce a circular thick-walled closed-end product.

This was transferred to the Pushbench whereupon a mandrel forced the product through a series of dies that reduced the wall thickness whilst, at the same time, increasing the length of the product.

Other operations involved the forming of a concave base and hot spinning to form the neck of the bottle.

Fielding & Platt supplied the complete line including the interstage transfer gear, descaling equipment, mandrel stripping/cooling and recirculating gear and all the hydraulic valve equipment.

A Fielding & Platt centralised Water Hydraulic Accumulator Station with 600HP, H15 Three Throw Reciprocating Pumps supplied the hydraulic power for the mill.

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