Redman, Series 6, Mk2, Bumper Bar Forming Machine, fitted with 'dummy' tooling, O/No. W85100, c.1974

Order W85100 for Stankoimport, Moscow, c.1974

Gloucestershire Archives

The ‘dummy’ tooling was used on these machines in order to set up the complex hydraulic system, prior to trialling and proving any tooling ordered by the client.

The ‘dummy’ tooling can be seen here clearly. Comprising two sets of parallel rolls, each set mounted in independent upper and lower hinged roller boxes with two matching formers attached to the central rotating pillar.

Note the gauge mounted on a stand at the front of the machine.  This  gauge would be used during the proving trials of the tooling.

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This was the last photograph recorded by the photographic department on 6th December 1974 following which the department was disbanded.

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  • Hi John!  These machines can’t have had a very long operational life as the motor car manufacturers soon seemed to go over to plastic bumpers. I can’t add very much about the Bumper Bar machines as I didn’t have a great deal to do with them. I can put some names to the people in the photo. Joe Pinkney is on the ground, Alan Meredith above on a platform, Brian Gage over to the right hand side of the machine and on the top is, if I’m not mistaken, Steve Pudge. The two gear wheels that can be seen behind Brian are probably from the ‘crown’ of a Clearing press. The Clearing presses were mechanical in their power operation, as opposed to Fielding presses being hydraulic. I think the presses were built under licence from USI Clearing in the USA. Chippy Aston

    By Graham Aston (21/01/2014)
  • Hi Chippy!  Thanks for adding the names to the faces in the photograph. Your comment about the operational life of the bumper bar machine is only partially correct. The machine and process was developed initially by Redman Tools in Worcester and the company had a very successful life and business operating out of Worcester, in which its client base with the major automobile companies worldwide became established.

    This client base was in place before the business moved to Gloucester around 1971, thereby consolidating the then recent merger of engineering companies that became Redman Heenan International and benefiting from the new assembly facilities in Gloucester. The bumper bar business continued from Gloucester with much success and many machines were built throughout the decade, however the bottom fell out of the market, literally overnight, in the late 1970s as automobiles changed to plastic derivatives. The last recorded order and supply was for a Series 6, MK2 machine for FAMM, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1978.

    Most, if not all, machines supplied from Gloucester are recorded in the Notable Orders from the 1970s page.   John B

    P.S. This machine was installed at the AZLK car factory in Moscow and I, along with Ray Thomas, Alan Watkins and Len Gapp went to Moscow for 4 weeks, late 1975, to complete rectification & final commissioning work. Interesting times! John B

    By John Bancroft (21/01/2014)

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