Redman, Series 6, Mk2, Bumper Bar Forming Machine, fitted with 'dummy' tooling, O/No. W81760, c.1972

Order W81760 for Alfa Romeo, Milan, Italy, c.1972

The ‘dummy’ tooling was used on these machines in order to set up the complex hydraulic systems, prior to trialling and proving any tooling ordered by the client.

The ‘dummy’ tooling can be seen here clearly. Comprising two sets of parallel rolls, each set mounted in independent upper and lower hinged roller boxes with two matching formers attached to the central rotating pillar.

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  • I did my apprenticeship with Redman in Worcester and was eventually their Hydraulic Engineer. I was actively involved in the development of the Series VI Mk II bumper bar machines concerning the hydraulics. I did many startups in Germany, France, Italy and Sweden at automotive companies.

    Ed: Many thanks for your contribution, Mike. The bumper bar machines built in Gloucester in the 1970s formed a major part of our business at the time. John B

    By Michael Bruton (09/11/2020)

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