Redman Series 6, Mk 1 & Mk 2 Bumper Bar Forming Machines, under construction in the new fitting shop, O/No. W84750 & W86250, c.1974

Orders W84750 for Alfa Sud, Naples, Italy and W86250 for A/S Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabrikker, Norway, c.1974

Gloucestershire Archives
Redman Tools employees, Worcester c.1961/62
Kindly supplied by Mike Bruton

Redman Series 6 Mk 1 Bumper Forming Machine for A/S Raufoss in the foreground.

Redman Series 6 Mk 2 Bumper Forming Machine for Alfa Sud in the background.

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  • Hi John, it’s been a while, like 47 years!
    I will always be grateful for doing my apprenticeship at Redmans in Worcester and eventually becoming Hydraulic Engineer. Series VI Mk I and Mk II was a good proving ground I was actively involved in, that set the stage for my career in hydraulics with Vickers and Rexroth in England until ’77, then in Canada where I retired from Bosch Rexroth in 2011.

    Ed: Mike, it is great that you should get in touch with us after all this time! People may not know that I was tasked with taking over as Hydraulic Engineer for the Redman Bumper Bar machines and, as I recall, with less than a month and one trip to Vauxhall to absorb it all prior to your departure! It was a great challenge that I enjoyed tremendously including a trip to USSR. Unfortunately, by the late ’70s someone had invented the plastic bumper and the market died almost overnight. I hope that you enjoy scanning through our website and please feel free to add any comments to any of the other pics illustrated in the Redman section. I have also included your pic. of Redman employees c.1961/62. Mike is standing foreground left in white smock and Bert Redman & family are sat left of centre. John B

    By Michael Bruton (09/11/2020)
  • Hi John!  Working on the Alfa Sud machine in the background are a few faces that look familiar. Up by the electrical cabinets is Paul Miller with ?, then Stan Willets near the platform, I think Owen Feltham looking down onto the end of the main shaft, below Owen is someone whose face I remember but can’t put a name to. On the other side of the machine is I think Vic Holtham standing on a bench and possible Tony Hope or maybe Richard Bennett standing behind him? Zooming in on the picture I can see so many things that I remember from those times, parts for the presses and also various pieces of equipment that we used. A pair of vee blocks come to mind, many a column I’ve dressed the threads on and fitted the nuts to it while it was supported on those! Also, to the side of the front machine is the small hand operated test pump that would have been used to test smaller cylinder assemblies etc. Behind the other machine is a Clearing clutch and drive pulley/shaft.  Chippy Aston.

    By Graham Aston (08/02/2014)

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