L10 Pumps operating in NSW, Australia, O/No. 6810, c.1951, photo supplied 2014

Currently operating at Moly-Cop Division of Arrium, Waratah, NSW, Australia

Pump #2
G Edwards
Order No 6810 #125
G Edwards
The 2 pumps
G Edwards
Order No 6810 #126
G Edwards
Barrel/Gland replacements 16/04/2014
G Edwards

Hi!  My name is George Edwards

I am a mechanical maintenance team leader at Arrium Mining & Materials, I happened on this site whilst searching for used Fielding Pumps. I work in the Molycop division of Arrium where we manufacture rail rolling stock wheels. We have 2 operating L.10 water hydraulic pumps that where supplied here on a Fielding and Platt Order No 6810, which just happens to be featured on this site.

These pumps are still operating and performing to spec. I will also endeavour to find any information regarding the balance of the above order which still is being used.


George Edwards














Maud St

Waratah NSW 2298


Maud St, Waratah. NSW 2298

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  • Hi John! The 3000 ton press is no longer in commission, we are still powering 2 presses from the 2 pumps. 1×15 MN dishing press and 1×50 MN forging press.

    By George Edwards (28/04/2014)
  • Hi George!  Many thanks for your interest in our website and for posting your information and photos of the L10 Pumps.  It is great to read that they are still in operation, some 60+ years since they were built in 1951, originally for the Commonwealth of Australia. 

    Both pumps and the 3000 ton Forging Press were built against the same Order No. and are shown elsewhere on this site. Click here for a link to one of the pumps and here for a link to the Forging Press.   

    Are the pumps still powering the Forging Press?   John B   

    By John Bancroft (27/04/2014)

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