Fielding & Platt Saw Bench (date unknown)!

F&P Saw Bench

Whilst I was looking around the stalls at the Welland Steam Rally this year I came across a saw bench built by Fielding & Platt.

The top of the table was approx. 6ft long and 3ft wide.

The lip around the edge of the table was approx. 2″ thick and the bench gave the appearance of being very heavy.

The blade in the bench was 30″ diameter but it would have been possible to fit a 36″ blade.

This is the first saw bench that I have seen to carry the Fielding & Platt name but I have seen another which had the Atlas Works name and address.

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Trevor Hill
Trevor Hill
Trevor Hill

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  • Hi! I have one of these saw benches, badge is the same as one shown but says MAKERS in the middle of it. Mike

    Ed: Hi Mike, thanks for the info. How about supplying us with a pic. of your bench and the badge and we can add it to the others? You may also wish to add a note about when and where you obtained the bench? John B

    By Mike Cox (13/07/2019)
  • Hi Trevor!  Most interesting photos.  I have had a look through some earlier order registers and have not come across anything so far. Will keep looking to see if we can narrow down an age.  John B

    By John Bancroft (12/08/2015)

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