Friction Screw Press, c.1953

Photograph taken c.1953

Gloucestershire Archives

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  • This looks like the same (or very similar ) friction screw press we had at Jackson and Froggatt in the jewelry quarter. I think they bought it in the late eighties or early nineties. It came in sections and was bolted together and mounted on a baseplate which was set in a large concrete foundation and shims were used to take up play as it was used. Locally, it was called “Big Bertha” and we had to dismantle and rebuild the rear of the stamp shop to fit it in. It was mainly used for stamping sporrans, belt buckles, large medals or anything beyond the capacity of our smaller Taylor and Challen presses.
    It was awkward to use as the operating handle would bounce a lot and could give your face a clout as you put the blanks in and would rise if you let go after a blow as the stop mechanism caught the ram to stop the main wheel hitting the drive wheel shaft above.
    Jackson & Froggatt are gone now and I’ve no idea what happened to the press although I still use a 1615 Taylor and Challen bought from J & F as “Big Bertha” was too big to fit in the stamp shop.

    Ed: A fascinating piece of information, Michael. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am not aware from F & P records that they ever made screw presses and it is possible that the press in the pic was a modification/refurbishment job. John B

    By Michael Puusta (22/04/2020)

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