2000 ton Closed Die Forging Press under construction and on test, O/No. F76450, c.1971

Order F76450 for Carmel Forge, Israel, c.1971

Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives

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  • Hi John!  In the first and second photos I can see Joe Pinkney up on top, lower down it looks like Gill Claridge, and with the spanner it looks like Terry Little to me? The guy at the control desk I can’t identify. In the third photo and to the far right there are three people standing behind the 3 column ‘stone plants and one of them looks like Nigel Jackson, he with the curly shock of hair! One of the others could be Stan Wood and the third one Alan ….? Can’t make out who is up on top of the first 3 column press. Joe Pinkney in white coat at the controls! In the fourth photo, is that an Heenan Dynamometer at the far end of the workshop?  (Ed. Yes)

    In photos 3 & 4 Mary is up in the cab of the 25 ton crane, in 4 she’s having a rest!          Chippy Aston.

    By Graham Aston (04/02/2014)

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