1500 ton Forging Press at IFA Precision Forge, Sheffield, Part 3

60 years on and still going strong!

Doncasters open die forge site, which holds this press, was bought by current owners Independent Forgings and Alloys Ltd (IFA) in 2001. IFA were able to acquire their closed die forge site in November 2019 and this is now known as IFA Precision Forge.

Sales Director, Tony Savile, kindly supplied these latest photos of the press and wrote: –

IFA continues to run the Fielding 1500T Press and in 2020 it remains the cornerstone of our production activities. As IFA operate in the safety critical aerospace, military & defence, oil & gas, power generation and nuclear industries, the Press plays a vital role in ensuring that the conversion of nickel & titanium alloy based ingots into forging billets and then final forged products produce the exacting quality, mechanical & metallurgical requirements demanded of us.

Viewers may also be interested in a short YouTube video of the press in action!  This may be viewed by clicking this link.

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  • I was with Vic Holtham on this build had a great time in Sheffield. Vic was a great bloke to learn from and boy, did I learn a lot!!!

    Ed: Thanks for the comment, Tony! I couldn’t agree more. I worked with Vic briefly at Y.I.M., Kirkby, installing the 3500 ton copper press and Vic was the senior journeyman in charge there. Work hard, play hard was the motto! John B

    By Tony Ravenhill (02/08/2020)

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