Foundations being prepared for two new Horizontal Extrusion Presses, O/No. E85590, c.1973

Order E85590 for Alcan Booth Extrusions Ltd., Banbury, c.1973

Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives

Ed:  It is possible that these foundations were for another 1600 ton Horizontal Extrusion Press, possibly No.10 Press ‘Jack’ installed in 1974, as the photos were taken on site at the same time as photos for the No. 9 extrusion press ‘Arthur’. There are no archive photos of the presses.

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  • They were taken out when Sapa closed and we bought all of them and a far as i am concerned they are still in containers near the pyramids!

    Press 7 went to Israel.  

    Press 6 was scrapped. (Loewy)

    A Die rack went to Saudi Arabia.

    The Fieldings 1600-1900 that was in Tibshelf is in India. 

    By bob mortiss (22/06/2017)
  • Hi Bob!  Many thanks for the information. Can you recall the year that the presses were decommissioned and moved overseas and were you also involved in recommissioning them in Egypt?   John B

    By John Bancroft (21/06/2017)
  • And I took them out!!  Presses 11 and 9 both went to Egypt.

    By bob mortiss (20/06/2017)
  • Hi Tim!  Many thanks for clarifying which foundation is which!  You seem very knowledgeable about the site so I must assume that you may have worked at Alcan for a spell?  John B

    By John Bancroft (06/01/2015)
  • Photo D7338/14/10/7548 shows the foundations being prepared for the F&P 2000T press Number 11 in Alcan Banbury.

    Photo D7338/14/10/7549 shows the foundations for the F&P 1600T press Number 10 (Jack) which was positioned in the same bay as number 11.

    By Tim Porter (05/01/2015)

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