2500 ton Extrusion Press with Inboard Piercer for copper tube, under construction in the new fitting shop, O/No. E83100, c.1973

Order E83100 for Gusum Bruk, Gusum, Sweden, c.1973

Gloucestershire Archives

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  • Hi Pete!  Thanks for filling in the names. The Gusum press was very similar to the ‘Slobodan’ 2500 ton press built a few years earlier, except that it was driven by an oil hydraulic system whereas Slobodan was water hydraulic.

    Did you work on the Gusum press from the start of its assembly in the new fitting shop and can you recall roughly how long it took to build?   John B

    By John Bancroft (02/02/2014)
  • Hi Pete!  If I hadn’t been so busy painting our lounge ceiling and beams of late you may not have got in first!  Hee! hee!  I hope you are well, I’m now retired and living in North Cornwall in a village called Delabole where we have been for nearly twelve years now. I see Taffy Hall now and again when I come up to Gloucester and when we meet up we have a good old ramble down memory lane, great stuff! I’m glad you are contributing your memories to these photos, especially as so many of the ‘old guys’ will have gone now, it’s down to the likes of us now to add our knowledge of how things were at F&P. Best regards,  Chippy.

    By Graham Aston (02/02/2014)
  • Hi John!  I remember this press as I worked on it with Mel Phelps who is in the bottom left hand corner. I was at college on day release when this photo was taken in the new fitting shop around 1971. Others in the picture are left to right Graham “Taffy” Hall, Ray Gardner in front of the container housing and Joe Pinkney by the end housing. The press was painted bright grass coloured green!  Note to Chippy, sorry if I have beaten you to it again Chippy!

    By Pete Charlton (01/02/2014)

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