2000 ton Horizontal Extrusion Press with Die Shuffle, views taken under construction and during commissioning on site, O/No. E77210, c.1974

Order E77210 for E & E Kaye Ltd., Enfield, c.1974

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With Acceptance Engineer Alfie Russell at the control desk. Can you name all the others?

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  • Hi John! I have just been having another look at these photo’s and I think I got it wrong saying that the person standing on the floor at the rear of the press was Ivor Dyer, when in fact I’m now sure it’s Arthur Lodge. I worked quite a few times with his son Hayden, until he left to become a salesman and then I think run a ‘fasteners’ business.

    Chippy Aston

    By Graham Aston (02/06/2015)
  • Hi John!  Top photo, up on the platform and tank is, I’m sure, Steve Hill and Rodney ‘Ernie’ Furneyhough, sorry ‘Ernie’ if that is the wrong spelling!   Standing on the floor at the rear of the press could be Ivor Dyer. Standing up on the shear looks like George Hayward and down below, standing on one of the container sealing cylinders, Austin Ebron? At the control desk is Eddie Hobbs.  Chippy Aston

    By Graham Aston (02/02/2014)

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