1600/80 ton Hydrostatic Extrusion Press, under construction in the works, O/No. E83600, c.1973

Order E83600 for Sumitomo, Osaka, Japan, c.1973

Gloucestershire Archives

Another exercise for you all in identifying the people in the photo; see how you get on!

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  • Hi John. I think I’ve got another name to add to Pete’s tally on this photo and that is, possibly, Dave Cool? He is the person working below Frank Kelly. I’m still ‘working’ on the other two that Pete was unable to identify. I’ve had a look through the apprentice intake photos but not been able to pick them out, but I’m still trying!  Chippy Aston.

    By Graham Aston (05/02/2014)
  • Hi John!   I have a copy of this photo. That is me stood up on the pipe work looking into the centre of the press. I remember it very well, most of the testing had to be done in the lunch hour and generally when people were not around. I was apprenticed to Tony Barton on this job, who you can just make out inside and in front of the main ram. I also spot from left to right Brian Gage with Gill Claridge. Up above was a Geordie engineer I think was Eric? Alfie Russell is holding the drawing in front of a younger apprentice who’s name escapes me. Up on the top is Frank Kelly with another young apprentice. And as I’m sure you are aware Frank went onto start his own business Frank Kelly Systems. Very happy days!!   Pete.

    By Pete Charlton (29/01/2014)
  • Hi Pete!   Well done!  This must be a first; you have beaten Chippy Aston to some of the names. Hopefully , there will be others who will fill in the blanks.   John B

    By John Bancroft (29/01/2014)

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