Hydrostatic Extrusion

A film describing the work undertaken by the UK Atomic Energy Authority and Fielding's on Hydrostatic Extrusion

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This film describes the work jointly undertaken by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and Fielding’s on Hydrostatic Extrusion which culminated in the building of the 1600/80 ton horizontal press.  The operation of this machine is fully explained.

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  • Wow! Thanks for adding this fascinating story Dennis. I wonder who else was with you on these weekend tests? Did you work on the Design of the Hydrostat too? It would be interesting to hear more about that – the design process, the challenges you faced, and your time in the the Drawing Office 1961-1984. Look forward to hearing from you! Cheers, Ollie

    By Ollie Taylor (09/09/2013)
  • Nice to see the film on the Hydrostat. When we built the later one for Japan, we had to carry out the high-pressure acceptance tests in the shop. This had to be done over a weekend when no workers were in and we had to surround the press with 1″ steel plates to contain any bursts or high pressure fluid jets for safety reasons. The press had to be operated remotely.

    By Dennis Lyes - (Design Office '61 to '84) (02/09/2013)

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