Engineering Specification, 9000 ton Multi-Daylight (Hot) Platen Press (O/No. 63170)

9000 ton Multi-Daylight (Hot) Platen Press (O/No. 63170)

This page contains a précis of the Engineering Specification for the press stated above (as originally supplied).

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Specification:9000 ton Multi-Daylight Platen Press
Process:Hot pressing and curing of wet boards 13′ 10″ x 13′ 10″
Main Characteristics:Number of main rams9
Combined power of main rams9000 tonf
Stroke of main rams4′ 2″
Number of daylights20
Maximum daylight2 1/2″
Platen working area – 14′ 0″ x 14′ 2″ x 3″ thick
Working Pressure:3000 psi
Medium:High grade mineral oil
Tank capacity:Prefilling and pump supply2000 gal
Pump Units:Four – Towler Electraulic Patent high-speed pumps, type 3H430 delivering gal/min. @ 3000 psi when running at 1440 rpm.
Electric Motors:The above pumps are coupled to Two – 100 HP double-shaft motors running at 1440 rpm.
Controls:Air-actuated valves with remote pushbutton control through solenoid air valves
Speeds:Closing1.15 in/s
Pressing (dependant on working pressure)0.111 in/s – 0.055 in/s
Return1.35 in/s
Filter/Cooling:Tank-mounted filters only
LubricationHand gun only
Electrical Supply:400/440 volts, 3 phase, 50 Hz

This specification was kindly provided by Rhodes Interform

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  • Hi Andrew!  I do recall someone telling me many years ago that the deep-hole driller, to which you refer, was originally designed by Bert Ely. It was supposedly made from spare/redundant vertical machine pillars, turned on their sides to form a horizontal sliding face that supported the drilling assembly. I believe it was stored in the old stockyard. Hopefully, someone else may be able to corroborate this, or otherwise!   John B   

    By John Bancroft (01/03/2017)
  • Hi John!  I’m sure you are right about the location of the deep-hole driller in the old stockyard, down towards the far end if I’m not mistaken, almost like it was in a dark cave! You may be able to tell me John, but was the driller operated by a man called Evan Alleyne(?), a West Indian man, and quite a character from what I remember!

    I went to his place in Innsworth once, back in the mid 1970’s, and changed the gearbox in his old Ford Consul Classic, the car that the Cortina replaced I believe.

    I think the men in the stockyard at that time were Alfie, Ken and Fred. I remember Fred working later on with Derek Moseley moving steel from the goat track using the ‘Iron Fairy’. At this moment I can’t remember the surnames of Ken and Fred, but I think Alfie was Alfie Wright?

    Chippy Aston

    By Graham Aston (01/03/2017)
  • Does anyone remember the deep-hole driller that was used to drill holes through the platens so that they could be heated?

    By Andrew Ellis (28/02/2017)

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