Engineering Specification, 3500 ton Horizontal Extrusion Press (O/No. 63360)

3500 ton Horizontal Extrusion Press (O/No. 63360)

This page contains a précis of the Engineering Specification for the press stated above (as originally supplied).

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Specification:3500 ton Horizontal Extrusion Press of the four column moving container type, fitted with a mandrel/piercer cylinder and horizontal die slide
Process:For the extrusion of copper tube shells
Main Characteristics:Power x Stroke
One – main ram3630 tons x 6′ 0″
Two – power saving rams140 tons x 6′ 0″
Two – drawback rams140 tons x 6′ 0″
Die slide12 tons x 5′ 1″
Container sealing300 tons x 1′ 2″
Container unsealing50 tons x 1′ 2″
One – Piercer ram500 tons x 3′ 1″
Two – piercer return rams100 tons x 3′ 1″
Billet sizes:10 1/2″ dia. billet x 20″ long
12″ dia. billet x 25″ long (maximum)
Container Heating:Thermostatically controlled induction heating, up to 450 degrees C
Die Assembly:Horizontal sliding type, to take maximum die size for 8 1/2″ dia. shell
Overall Press Dimensions:42′ 9″long x 14′ 8″ wide
Weight:Press & valves – 320 tons
Accumulators, pumps, motors & starters, self-contained and layout piping – 170 tons
Pumps:12 ‘Fielding’ H3 pumps, overhead motor type, 130 HP
Accumulators:Two – 30 gallon piston type, oil accumulators for auxiliaries
One – 220 gallon water accumulator for main and piercer rams
Working Pressure:4300 psi
Medium:Lubricated water – main and piercer
High grade mineral oil for the remainder
Main Ram Speed:8 in/s.
Controls:Control of the press is by air servo-operated valves with remote pushbutton control, through solenoids from a central control desk enabling ‘hand’ and ‘cyclic’ working to be obtained
Cooling:Including water and oil coolers for maintaining a maximum operating temperature of 120 degrees C for both systems under summer conditions
Supply included:Fabricated container changing lifting cradle arrangement for lifting into the press
One set of drilled templates to assist in the replacement of slipper plates and wearing surfaces

This specification was kindly provided by Rhodes Interform

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