Engineering Specification, 1500 ton Indirect Horizontal Extrusion Press (O/No. 63370)

1500 ton Indirect Horizontal Extrusion Press (O/No. 63370)

This page contains a précis of the Engineering Specification for the press stated above (as originally supplied).

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Specification:1500 ton indirect horizontal extrusion press
Process:Indirect extrusion of copper tubes from pierced and/or machined billets
Construction:Four column with external mandrel moving rams, moving container and horizontal shuttle crosshead carrying two mandrels.  All rams ‘Fescolised’ except the main ram
Tube sizes:1 1/2″ dia. bore x 13 gauge from 6″ dia. billet x 11″ maximum length
1 1/4″ dia. bore x 14 gauge from a 5″ dia. billet and other sizes
Output:125 billets/hr
Tube Concentricity: +/- 5% on wall thickness
Main Characteristics:Main ram power1484 tonf
Stroke of main ram2′ 6″
Number of approach/return rams2
Ram power (approach)130 tonf
   ”       ”        (return)75 tonf
One container sealing ram45 tonf
Two container stripping rams100 tonf
Stroke of container sealing/stripping rams2′ 6″
Two mandrel moving rams50 tonf
   ”        ”           ”         ”    (return)18 tonf
Columns:Four – 10″ dia. x 4′ 0″ x 4′ 0″ centres
Container Heating:Thermostatically controlled electric heating up to 450 degrees C
Overall Dimensions:6′ 3″ wide x 8′ 0″ high x 33′ 9″ overall length
Total Net Weight100 tons est. (press, valves and self-contained piping)
Working Pressure:4480 psi
Medium:Lubricated water
Controls:Pushbutton control giving ‘hand’ and ‘automatic’ working
Accumulator & Pumps:60 gallons capacity
Five – ‘Fielding’ H3 pumps each delivering 35 gal/m @ 4480psi
Motors & StartersFive – 130 HP screen protected, squirrel cage, induction motors @1440 rpm
Five – 130 HP star/delta starters

This specification was kindly supplied by Rhodes Interform

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