Engineering Specifications, SCB1, SCB2 and SCB3 type Scrap Metal Balers (O/Nos. 67040, 67070 and 56800)

SCB1, SCB2 and SCB3 type Scrap Metal Balers (O/Nos. 67040, 67070 and 56800)

This page contains a précis of the Engineering Specification for the presses stated above (as originally supplied).

Click here to see SCB1 or SCB2 or SCB3 photographs of these presses.

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Specification:SCB type scrap metal baling presses
Process:Single-compression, self-contained and suitable for dealing with general scrap and cuttings. Although the press is termed a single compression unit, there is a preliminary consolidation of the scrap due to the closing of the hinged cover.
Main Characteristics:SCB1SCB2SCB3
Size of box36″ x 12″ x 12″ deep49″ x 24″ x 24″ deep72″ x 30″ x 24″ deep
Depth of box (when cover closed)8″16″18″
Size of bale12″ x 8″ x 15″- 18″24″ x 16″ x 6″- 8″13″ x 8″ x 8″- 10″
Weight of bale (approx.)0.5 cwt – 1 cwt1 cwt – 2 cwt2 cwt – 3 cwt
Estimated output (bales/hr)35 – 4026 – 3021 – 24
(the above variable according to material, loading of box and site conditions)
Time cycle of press, excluding loading & unloading (approx.)46 seconds50 seconds70 seconds
Preliminary pressing power, cover ram20 tonf83 tonf140 tonf
Specific pressure on material (average)3.75 tonf/sq.ft.4.5 tonf/sq.ft4 tonf/sq.ft.
Power of horizontal ram20 tonf83 tonf127 tonf
Specific pressure on material30 tonf/sq.ft.30 tonf/sq.ft.32 tonf/sq.ft.
Stroke of horizontal ram37″50″73″
Pressure mediumoiloiloil
Pump:Fraser Mono-Radial8 gal/m @1500 psi.26 gal/m @1000 psi.40 gal/m @1500 psi.
2.25 gal/m @4480 psi.8 gal/m @ 4480 psi.17 gal/m @4480 psi.
Motor:Totally enclosed, squirrel cage8 HP x 940 rpm.20 HP x 720 rpm.50 HP x 720 rpm.
Starter:Wall fixing, hand operated, oil immersed, Star/Delta8 HP20 HP50 HP

This specification was kindly provided by Rhodes Interform

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