Engineering Specification, 2500 ton Powder Press (O/No. 6020/55)

2500 ton Powder Press (O/No. 6020/55)

This page contains a précis of the Engineering Specification for the press stated above (as originally supplied).

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Specification:2500 ton powder press
Process:For compressing metal powder
Construction:Four column, downstroking press
Main Characteristics:Maximum power2500 tonf
Clear space on bottom table60″ x 60″
Clear space on moving table45″ L to R

60″ F to B

Daylight with press open84″
Stroke of moving table36″
Working pressure:4500 psi
MediumHigh grade mineral oil
Pumping equipment:One – Fraser Double Deri-Sine pump delivering 60 gal/m @ 1500 psi
One – Fraser Mono-radial type OLS 30 pump delivering 30 gal/m @ up to 3500 psi
One – Fraser Mono-radial type OLS 15 pump delivering 15 gal/m @ up to 4500 psi
One – Fraser Mono-radial type UPL 15 variable delivery pump delivering from 0 – 15 gal/m @ up  to 4500 psi
(with the above pumping equipment and prefilling system, the speeds of operation would be) : –
Speeds:Approach or prefilling stroke5 in/s
First stage0.45 in/s
Second stage0.21 in/s
Third stagefrom 0-0,136 in/s
Stripping stroke0.45 in/s
Return stroke4.2 in/s

This specification was kindly provided by Rhodes Interform

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