Engineering Specification, 400 ton Open Gap Press (O/No. 5070/53)

400 ton Open Gap Press (O/No. 5070/53)

This page contains a précis of the Engineering Specification for the press stated above (as originally supplied).

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Specification:400 ton open gap press
Main Characteristics:Power of vertical ram400 tonf
Stroke of vertical ram2′ 6″
Power of vertical drawback rams48 tonf combined
Power of horizontal ram150 tonf
Stroke of horizontal ram2′ 6″
Gap5′ 6″
Daylight from face of moving table on vertical ram to face of bottom fixed table4′ 2″
Maximum distance from central line of vertical ram to face of horizontal ram4′ 8″
Size of moving table3′ 0″ square
Height of bottom fixed table above floor level2′ 6″
Working Pressure:4480 psi
Medium:High grade mineral oil
Dimensions:Overall length of press15′ 6″
Overall height of press19′ 0″
Overall width of press7′ 6″
Size of bottom fixed table7′ 6″ L to R 6′ 6″ F to B
Estimated Speeds:Vertical ram: –
Approach5 in/s
Pressing0.15 in/s
Return (at low pressure)4.25 in/s
Return (at high pressure)1.23 in/s
Horizontal ram: –
Approach1.2 in/s
Pressing0.4 in/s
Return (at low pressure)3.6 in/s
Return (at high pressure)1.1 in/s
Pump:Fraser mono-radial automatic two-stage OEV 26/8 type, giving 26 gal/m @ 350 psi and 8 gal/m @ 4480psi
The pump direct coupled to the electric motor, both mounted on a cast iron combined bedplate and the overhead prefilling tank would also be used for supplying the pump

This specification was kindly supplied by Rhodes Interform

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