120 ton DDI Machine, O/No. D97400, c.1980

Order D97400 for Pemell Fire Extinguisher Co. Ltd., Ontario, Canada, c.1980

The Paul Regester Collection
The Paul Regester Collection
The Paul Regester Collection
The Paul Regester Collection

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  • Hi John! I didn’t work on the DDI machine, but I do recognise the round pieces in the foreground of the photo. They were parts of ‘Pirelli’ tyre presses that F&P took in for machining, fettling, de-greasing and fitting the insulation into the segments.

    I was working on one of these next door in what was part of the medium/light machine shop, on the day that Brian Gage came to tell me I was being made redundant!

    I had only just come back in from my lunch break, think I had been over to The New Pilot pub for something to eat and drink. If I rightly remember it was October/November 1981 and by mid afternoon I had gathered all my tools etc and went home. My time, 1964-1981, during which a lot of changes took place!

    Chippy Aston

    By Graham Aston (03/02/2015)
  • Hi Chippy!  Thanks for adding the bit about the Pirelli tyre presses. It fills in yet another piece in the jigsaw! I guess that day will be stamped in your mind forever.  Shame that it takes an old photo to bring it back!  Nevertheless, thanks for your contribution.  John B

    By John Bancroft (03/02/2015)

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