Deep Drawing & Ironing Press (with audio clip)

Owen Feltham and Martin Rich with a DDI machine

In this audio clip, John Davis talks to Ollie Taylor about DDI machines.

The photograph shows Owen Feltham (wearing the white coat) and Martin Rich (in the suit) in front of a machine, but who is the person in the top left of the picture?

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  • Hi Dulcie.   The third person in the photo looks, to me, very much like Trevor Lawrence? Maybe someone else can help with that or correct me if I am wrong. I remember Trevor from my time at F&P, mainly when he and I worked in Hydraulic 2. I always remember Albert Grendall, he of A2 radial pump fame, telling me that Trevor had said to him once, ‘what dat down der den’, for what reason I really can’t recall, but I do occasionally say it myself even now! I hope I’m right about my identification of the ‘third man’! Chippy Aston

    (Ed. Quite right , as usual!  John B)

    By Graham Aston (09/11/2013)

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