400 ton Three-Column, Three-Mould Slab Press with Automatic Edge-Stacking Unit, views taken in 1970, O/No. K75910, c.1969

Order K75910 for Northumberland Concrete Co. Ltd., c.1969

Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives

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  • Hi Keith!  Well done for identifying yourself on the photo!  I should mention that I immediately went to the photos of apprentices and noted that we do not have a copy of the 1968 intake.  Do you have a copy of your intake that we could add to the 1960s era?  John B 

    By John Bancroft (02/03/2015)
  • Hi John!  Unfortunately I haven’t.  We were only an intake of six of which one was Jim Fielding’s son Andrew.  I cannot ever remember having a group photo taken.  If my memory serves me correctly the group were:-

    Andrew Fielding; Keith Parker; Clarence Jones; John Byrne; Clive Dix; Nick Clift.

    Regards Keith

    By Keith Parker (02/03/2015)
  • Hi Keith!  Very grateful for that information and the names of the intake.  The only thing that surprises me is that there was a photo both in 1967 and 1969.  Who was the apprentice instructor of that year? Perhaps we may be able to approach it from that direction.  John B

    By John Bancroft (02/03/2015)
  • Hi John!  At the very start it was Bert Ravenhill & Gerald Williams, but then Roy Breach & Barry Degge took over, all instructors reported directly to Ron Wilmot.

    Bert Ravenhill was a real character often sending the apprentices down to the fitting shop for:-

    A long wait; The odd Sky Hook; Elbow Grease to clean the brass door knobs at the top end of the Craft School.  Regards Keith

    By Keith Parker (02/03/2015)
  • This is an old photograph of me. I was an Apprentice at Fielding & Platt starting in 1968.  

    By Keith Parker (01/03/2015)

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