400 ton Three-Mould Slab Press, taken at Parkstone Works, O/No. 4677, c.1944

Order 4677 for Limmer and Trinidad Asphalt Co., Ltd., c.1944

Gloucestershire Archives
D7338/14/10/4096 Enhanced for advertising brochure
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives

Used as the cover photograph for a brochure.

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  • I have fond memories of maintaining a 400 ton 3 mould slab press as a teenager in the late 50’s and early 60’s, at a concrete works near Portsmouth. It was old when I was there so I’m guessing it was made somewhen during the 40’s. Old as it was, It could still turn out 1000 slabs a day, and I remember jobs like changing the leather seal in the main ram, repacking glands in the various other rams, and tightening the main column nuts, two of which were below floor level. I maintained this and a later model single mould kerb press for several years until they were sold off in the mid sixties. I also visited Fielding & Platt’s factory in Gloucester and met the Works Manager, Bill Shanks.
    The 3 mould press was bought by a Scotsman, who dismantled it and transported back to Scotland, and I often wonder whether it’s still working today, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

    Ed: David, many thanks for your recollections, there are still a lot of Fielding concrete presses in production. John B

    By David Brown (13/09/2019)

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