Modern Hydraulic Machinery - Tweddell's System

A complete hardback catalogue of machinery, dated 1915

This rare catalogue in a brown hardback cover, written in both English and French, runs to some 200+ pages of descriptions and illustrations of machine tools.  It possibly replaced an earlier catalogue of machine tools created by Ralph Tweddell in 1882.

It is interesting to note the exhaustive range available of portable hydraulic rivetters, each one designed to meet the specific requirements for riveting components used to build locomotives and rolling stock, with larger fixed riveters used for industrial boilers and shipbuilding.

The latter pages illustrate the movement into flanging and forging presses, not forgetting ships capstans, etc.

Those with keen eyes will observe that most, if not all, the machinery is marked with the words ‘Tweddell’s System’.  It is plausible that Ralph Tweddell had an agreement with Fielding & Platt that his ‘logo’ would feature on all equipment, however, this is only conjecture on my part.

A more recent catalogue is the 1928 blue hardback edition featuring most of the machinery contained herein, also including illustrations of the first extrusion press and three-station concrete slab press.

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