Milwaukee Briquetter, c.1971

Photograph taken c.1971

Gloucestershire Archives

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  • The previous post from Jim was transferred from the Message Board of the previous website, from which there were no responses.
    Since the post in 2014, I have examined the Archive records and I have not found any order for the Coal Board or any photos or references in documents to a press supplied.
    Whilst this page does not refer to the press for the National Coal Board, it provides a string for any further comments or information that may ensue.
    John B

    By John Bancroft (27/02/2018)
  • Does anyone remember an experimental coal dust briquetting press that was assembled and run in Hyd 2? This press then was installed at the Coal Board facility in Stoke Orchard near Cheltenham, then to another facility in South Wales.

    I remember the press had two down stroking rams that pressed coal dust that was deposited into two separate rotating assemblies, which resembled the chambers of an old pistol magazine.

    Posted by Jim Rigby 20/02/2014

    By John Bancroft (27/02/2018)

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