3600 ton Plate Bender, O/No. 5555, c.1946

Order 5555 for John Brown Co. Ltd., Clydebank, c.1946

Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives

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  • John, I think O/No.5555 must have been used quite often as it required a lot of expertise to operate and JBE still had the men to do this. Only remember seeing the m/c in action twice. Once from a distance, as they were rolling 3″-4″red hot plate. The second time it was 3/4″plate for the shovel/blade on very big bulldozer type m/cs. In JBE/FP terms I suppose this is sheetmetal work!! I wonder where 5555 is resident now? Do they still have original photos, or is the website the only place to find them.

    Ed: Alastair, these are the stories we like to hear about! These pics are from F&P archive records and I am not aware of any others in existence. I believe the site was demolished in 2002 and I guess the machine was scrapped. You may wish to click on this link and read and listen to a former employee recalling his visit to Clydebank in the ’50s. John B

    By ALASTAIR M BELL (28/08/2020)
  • I worked on this machine several times between 1974 and 1979. I was employed in the maintenance department under Jim Ward, the maintenance manager. The main hydraulic pump was sent to F and P for refurbishment at some point, but other than that there were only a few minor faults during this time.

    Ed: Alastair, many thanks for your contribution. It is great to have someone comment on a machine that was already some 30 years old before you came on board. Was the machine used very often? I do recall viewing the machine during a visit in the ’70s but it was not operating at the time. John B

    By ALASTAIR M BELL (26/08/2020)

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