6" Cube Triple-Compression Baler, O/No. 62300, c.1962

Order 62300 for Johnson Matthey, c.1962

Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives

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  • Jim! Many thanks for adding John McDonald’s name. It would be good if you are also able to identify the two gentlemen at the spares bench in the background? Would the person with the tie be John Burden who ran the stores located opposite the spares bench?

    By John Bancroft (11/10/2013)
  • Hi John.   The man next to the gentleman with the tie is Bill Dowdswell, not sure that the other one is John Burden, he doesn’t look like him to me. Wally Windridge ran the stores opposite the spares bench for a while. There is someone working at the bench behind the lid of the baler and I would be very surprised if that wasn’t Bill Moseley, it looks like his stance when he was at the bench, especially if he was doing H3 con-rod bearings. So glad Jim put John’s name to the picture, I always new him as Jock in my time at F&P, nice to now know his real name.   Chippy Aston. 

    (Editor note:  Chippy!  I am sure you are right on the first; I think you may also be correct with Bill Moseley.  I only mentioned John Burden because I always remember him wearing a tie!  Hopefully, someone may correct me if I am wrong.        John B).

    By Graham Aston (11/10/2013)
  • John McDonald at the controls of this 6″ cuber.

    By Jim Rigby (10/10/2013)

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