12" Heavy Duty Cube Baler, O/No. 67550, c.1968

Order 67550 for Heenan & Froude Ltd., Worcester, c.1968

Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives

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  • Hi John!  In picture 1 is John Mabbett at the controls. He always wore a tie at work, in fact I had to borrow his tie once because I was going to be in a picture of a stretcher that he, George Brown and I had built! I was not a lover of wearing ties, never have been, but John and George out voted me by seniority!

    He was a very good fitter and a ‘stickler’ for things to be right when you worked with him. You didn’t just get all the ‘grotty’ jobs when you were an apprentice with him, he would teach you as much as he could, a good man!

    In picture 2 is Jim Smith at the controls. I don’t remember working with Jim very much as I seem to recall he was mainly in Hyd 1, but I do remember him being quite a ‘lad’!

    Later, his dad came to work at F&P in the heavy machine shop on, I think, a vertical borer down near the heat treatment dept.  A small piece of useless information is that I did spend a few weeks in 1968 seeing Jim’s sister, nope, it didn’t last! Chippy Aston.

    By Graham Aston (25/09/2014)

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