Here you can discover more about the founding families of Fielding & Platt.  You can also listen to the stories of people who worked for the firm.  From Draughtsmen, Tracers, and Pattern-makers, to Machinists, Fitters, and Foundrymen, these oral histories tell the story of the company - its work and social life - in the words of those who knew it.  Their stories reveal important aspects of industrial and social history that would otherwise have been lost with time.

If you, or someone you know, would like to record their memories of Fielding & Platt (however big or small), then why not register on this site or leave us a message on our message board?!

Page link: Albert Brazington
Albert Brazington
Service Engineer 1960s
Page link: Albert Grendall
Albert Grendall
Fitter in Hydraulic 2
Page link: Alfred William Roach
Alfred William Roach
Storekeeper and Ambulance Class Instructor, c.1904-1948
Alison's recollections of her father, David Victor Rowles who was Managing Director in the 1970's
Page link: Alistair Adams
Alistair Adams
Apprentice Fitter 1963-1970
Page link: Andy and Felicity Fowler
Andy and Felicity Fowler
Met at F&P in the 1960s. About to celebrate 50 years marriage in 2015!
Page link: Ann Martin
Ann Martin
From Ministry of Agriculture to Fielding and Platt.
Page link: Beatrice Freeman
Beatrice Freeman
Crane Driver - war-time and beyond
Page link: Bert Ely
Bert Ely
From Apprentice in 1924 to Experimental Design Engineer in 1946
Page link: BILL MOGG
From grave digging to engineering
Page link: Bill Thomas
Bill Thomas
Head of the Drawing Office in the 1930s and 40s
Page link: Bob Holmes
Bob Holmes
Memories of an apprenticeship in the 1960s
Page link: BOB MADELEY
FAREWELL, to a great Engineer and a true gentleman.
Page link: Bob Madeley
Bob Madeley
From Apprentice in 1936 to Chief Engineer
In 2012, three years before his death, Bob put to paper his memories of working at The Company between 1936 and 1976
Page link: BRIAN BILLINGHAM From Apprentice to Chief Electrical Engineer
BRIAN BILLINGHAM From Apprentice to Chief Electrical Engineer
He served the Company from 1948 until 1997
Page link: Brian Gage
Brian Gage
Fitting Shop Superintendent
Page link: Brian Mince
Brian Mince
Industrial Photographer 1952-1974
Page link: BRIAN ROSE
Brian recalls his years at F&P from 1947, with some very amusing stories.
Page link: Bryan Mason
Bryan Mason
From apprentice in 1948 to Machine Shop Foreman
Page link: CARLTON GREEN   Worked in the Light Machine Shop from 1972 until 1981.
CARLTON GREEN Worked in the Light Machine Shop from 1972 until 1981.
Carlton was born in Jamaica in 1936 and came to the UK when he was 21.
Page link: Charles Ford
Charles Ford
Light Machine Shop, 1964-1981
Page link: Christmas 1981
Christmas 1981
Redundancies in the Drawing Office
Page link: Clarence Hack, Apprentice to Technical Salesman
Clarence Hack, Apprentice to Technical Salesman
He served the Company from 1946 until 1983
Page link: Clive Forster & John Davis
Clive Forster & John Davis
Chesterfield Cylinders' 1000 ton press
Page link: Colin Organ
Colin Organ
Worked in the Photographic Dept.
Page link: Daphne Collier
Daphne Collier
Miss Fielding and Platt's memories of the Boiler Yard, 1941-1945
Page link: Dave Taylor
Dave Taylor
Dave worked at Fieldings from 1985 to 1996
Page link: David Gapp
David Gapp
Worked through his Apprenticeship and finalised in Hydraulic One.
Page link: David Harris
David Harris
Pattern Maker
Page link: David Jones
David Jones
From Apprentice in 1950 to Installation and Acceptance Engineer
Page link: Dennis Norman
Dennis Norman
Drawing Office Apprentice 1937-1942
Page link: Elizabeth Floyd
Elizabeth Floyd
Memories of the Filing and Stationary Office during the late 1950s
Page link: Frank Berry Fielding
Frank Berry Fielding
Memories of a kind-hearted draughtsman
Page link: Frank Bullock
Frank Bullock
Apprentice to Works Manager
Page link: Frederick and Ralph Schollar
Frederick and Ralph Schollar
Employees in the 1920s
Page link: Geoffrey and Mary Hobbs (Jack Hobbs' son and daughter in law)
Geoffrey and Mary Hobbs (Jack Hobbs' son and daughter in law)
Memories of Jack and other family members who worked at F & P
Page link: Gilbert Curtis
Gilbert Curtis
Pattern-maker from 1916
Page link: Godfrey Bodenham
Godfrey Bodenham
From Apprentice to Electrical Design Engineer.
Page link: Gordon Tozer
Gordon Tozer
Apprentice 1971-5
Page link: Graham
Graham "Chippy" Aston
Apprentice 1964
Page link: Graham
Graham "Chippy" Aston
Into the big world: apprenticeship memories, September 1964
Page link: Graham
Graham "Chippy" Aston
Made from scrap!
Page link: Graham Johnson
Graham Johnson
Maintenance Department
Page link: Ian Horton
Ian Horton
Apprenticeship and then to Fabrication
Page link: Irene Ryan (nee Ball)
Irene Ryan (nee Ball)
Irene's memories of her Mother, Rosa Ball, who was a crane driver during the war years
Page link: Iris Richards
Iris Richards
From "veg prep" to canteen favourite, 1947-1983
Page link: Jack Hobbs
Jack Hobbs
From Fitter to Acceptance Engineer Supervisor
Page link: Jack Jewell
Jack Jewell
Jack & others pictured with a lathe for machining crankshafts
Page link: Jean Billingham
Jean Billingham
Occupational Health Nursing Sister, 1977-1981
Page link: Jean Leach (née Hebberd)
Jean Leach (née Hebberd)
Tracer in the Drawing Office
Page link: Jim Brint
Jim Brint
Working in No. 1 Hydraulic on tooling for a Slab Press
Page link: Jim Hurcombe and Sylvia Brown.
Jim Hurcombe and Sylvia Brown.
Memories from their son Roy.
Page link: Jim Smith
Jim Smith
Trained at F&P, then found various adventures around the world!
Page link: Joe Pinkney
Joe Pinkney
Ann Bray shares her memories of her Dad
Page link: John Browning
John Browning
From workshops to buying dept. via inspection.
Page link: John Burrows
John Burrows
Sales - Concrete
Page link: John Cook
John Cook
Apprentice 1948/9-1955
Page link: John Davis
John Davis
From Apprentice in 1949 to Junior Apprentice Instructor in 1953
Page link: John Lewis
John Lewis
For many years in the Maintenance Department.
Page link: John Lewis (the Cinderford one!)
John Lewis (the Cinderford one!)
From F&P Apprentice to early, but busy, retirement.
Page link: John Powell
John Powell
Memories of the Apprentice School and Fitting Shop in the 1960s
Page link: John Price
John Price
One of Fielding and Platt's earliest employees in the late 1860s
Page link: John Seddon
John Seddon
Memories of an engineering apprentice in the late 1970s
Page link: John Tranter
John Tranter
From Apprentice in 1941 to Electrical Engineer
Page link: John Turk
John Turk
Filing and photography departments, 1949-1951
Page link: Joy Titcombe
Joy Titcombe
Time Office to Drawing Office
Page link: Keith Parker
Keith Parker
Page link: Ken & Reg Court
Ken & Reg Court
Sue Boulton's memories of Ken, her father, and his twin brother Reg.
Page link: Ken Daniell
Ken Daniell
Draughtsman, 1940-1983
Page link: Ken Juggins and colleague
Ken Juggins and colleague
Pipe benders in the 1970s
Page link: Lancelot John Jordan Pitt
Lancelot John Jordan Pitt
Engineer & Soldier
Page link: Les Wheeler
Les Wheeler
Apprentice and Journeyman in The Light Machine Shop 1941-1950.
Page link: Leslie Spooner
Leslie Spooner
Managing Director
Page link: Lionel Longney
Lionel Longney
Apprentice, pattern-maker, foundryman, 1945-
Page link: Margaret Clifton (née Hancock)
Margaret Clifton (née Hancock)
Brought to the firm by her father Les Hancock.
Page link: Martin Blakeley
Martin Blakeley
Memories of the Apprentice School and the Hydraulics Fitting Shop in the 1960s
Page link: Michael Hogan
Michael Hogan
Apprentice 1953-1957
Page link: Mike Stanbrook
Mike Stanbrook
Started his apprenticeship in 1956
Page link: Mr John Cole
Mr John Cole
Machinist, 1946-
Page link: Paul Regester,  Apprentice to Works Manager.
Paul Regester, Apprentice to Works Manager.
1970 until 1980 and 1996 until 2000.
Page link: Pauline Anderson (née Stock)
Pauline Anderson (née Stock)
Introduced to F&P by Morgan Walton.
Page link: Pete Sutton
Pete Sutton
Some photographs of the machinery Dad worked on, 1940s-1970s
Page link: Phil Allen
Phil Allen
Apprentice 1971-5: the Boiler Yard, having your palm read in the Pipe Shop, becoming groundsman at Hempsted, & more...
Page link: Ramsay Harris
Ramsay Harris
Technical College to Fielding & Platt
Page link: Richard Brain
Richard Brain
Office boy, Apprentice and a busy career from then on.
Page link: Roger Beard
Roger Beard
From Apprentice to Managing Director
Page link: Ron Curtis
Ron Curtis
From apprentice in 1944 to Electrical Department foreman until 1966
Page link: Ron Yardley
Ron Yardley
From Apprentice in 1949 to Chief Inspector
Page link: Roy Stoves - Turner
Roy Stoves - Turner
Roy tells us about his time at Fieldings where he specialised as a turner on the lathes in the light machine shop.
Page link: Stan Nash
Stan Nash
Apprentice pattern-maker 1934-1939
Page link: Steve Price
Steve Price
Joined F&P in 1959
Page link: Stuart Harrold
Stuart Harrold
F & P and me!
Page link: Ted Marshall
Ted Marshall
Apprentice Machinist, 1924-1931, and star of Atlas Works and Gloucester Rugby
Page link: Terry Dix
Terry Dix
Memories of a Machinist
Page link: The Directors
The Directors
Jim Fielding, Reggie Rowles and David Rowles
Page link: Tom Millington & Others
Tom Millington & Others
Tom's Retirement
Page link: Walter Organ
Walter Organ
Memories of a distinguished Fitter: 1940-1982
Page link: William
William "Bill" Prior
Pattern-maker and foreman 1916-1949
Category link: APPRENTICES
Photographs and memories of the company's famous apprenticeships and the Craft School
Category link: Derek Moseley
Derek Moseley
Internal Transport Department from 1966
Category link: George Jackson
George Jackson
Pipe Shop Foreman during World War II until c.1960
Category link: Herbert Hindle, C. Eng.
Herbert Hindle, C. Eng.
Design Office, 1956-
Category link: The Fielding Family
The Fielding Family
Memories and photographs of the Fielding family
Category link: The Lane Family
The Lane Family
Two generations of family workers, 1890-1920s
Category link: The Paul Regester Collection
The Paul Regester Collection
A collection of articles and photos compiled during his tenure as Works Manager
Category link: The Platt Family
The Platt Family
Memories and photographs of the Platt family
Category link: The Williams Family
The Williams Family
Two generations of family workers, 1897-
Category link: Video interviews
Video interviews
Former employees share their memories together on film
Category link: Wayne Roberts
Wayne Roberts
Apprentice in 1964