12 Promotional Films

Here you can watch the 12 promotional films produced by the Fielding & Platt and Heenan Group Film Units.  They have been digitised by Gloucestershire Archives.

If these films bring back memories of Fielding & Platt - or the people, places, and machinery that appear in the films - please share your memories by clicking on the words Add a comment about this page beneath each film or by leaving us a message on our message board.

Page link: An Introduction to Fielding & Platt
An Introduction to Fielding & Platt
A film introducing the company, showing the many areas of the Works and people working there
Page link: 'Dynapak' in Action
'Dynapak' in Action
This film shows the high energy rate forming 'Dynapak' machine in action
Page link: At Full Stretch
At Full Stretch
A film telling the story of the design, manufacture, and installation of the 3900 ton Stretcher that helped build Concorde
Page link: Cold Extrusion
Cold Extrusion
A filming showing an automatic hydraulic "Cold" Extrusion Press at work and explaining its operation
Page link: Counterblow
A film showing the manufacture, building, and working of the largest counterblow hammer to be installed in England
Page link: Hydraulically Pressed Concrete
Hydraulically Pressed Concrete
A film showing the three types of Fielding slab and kerb presses working in a Concrete Works
Page link: Hydrostatic Extrusion
Hydrostatic Extrusion
A film describing the work undertaken by the UK Atomic Energy Authority and Fielding's on Hydrostatic Extrusion
Page link: Iron Shark
Iron Shark
A film showing a 250 ton Double Cut Scrap Shear with conveyor feed at work in a scrapyard and more...
Page link: Paving the World
Paving the World
A short film showing the running of a Cyclic Single-Mould Slab Press and more...
Page link: The Fielding 12 inch Cube Baler
The Fielding 12 inch Cube Baler
A film showcasing the Cube Baler in a working scrap yard
Page link: The Pressing Problem of Scrap
The Pressing Problem of Scrap
A film showing many types of scrap metal Baling Presses working in scrapyards and steel works
Page link: The Whessoe Story
The Whessoe Story
A film tracing the design and construction of the 4500 ton Hydraulic Press for Whessoe Limited